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02 October 2011 @ 12:27 pm

it's a fics community of abi_manyu

you can find and read all my fics here.
most of them are member-only.
i will open my new fics to public but after 5 days or so, i'll lock it.

feel free to join if you want to read my old fics.
just please drop a comment first.

it's like you're knocking my door before entering my house ^^

dropping comments after reading are also appreciated
i'll add you back as soon as possible

here is the MASTERLIST



credit pic: none. let me know if it's yours
credit icon: enginedriven

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30 January 2018 @ 02:04 am
Long time no see...
Im wondering, if i write something again, will you read it?
14 August 2015 @ 07:14 pm

"But, Kazu......" Jin whined like a little boy to his mom. Everyone can tell he was upset; sulking.

"What again, Jin?" Kame sighed again. Sometimes, Jin was pure annoying. He always worried over simple things. Kame understood he was jealous, yet, this time, when Kame was tired, it was pure annoying. Jin tended to overreact when he was in jealous-mode though.

Jin fished his phone out--his new iPhone, since Jin broke his phone every month--to Kame's face. "This... this... this... You see it?"

Kame rolled his eyes; it was just like what he imagined. About his new butai. About that certain scene.

"It was acting, Jin. You know it."

"But you didn't tell me that you had to hold her breast! You... you... you...." Jin pouted. He was sure Kame knew what he would say without Jin said it directly.

Kame took Jin's phone, put it on the coffee table. "Listen to me, Jin... When I told you about this project, you agreed, right?" Jin nodded. "You said you was glad finally I don't need to strip and show the world like in Dreamboys, right?" Jin nodded again. "You said it was okay, you even read the script, you approved it." Jin nodded once more. "So why you was upset about it? You already knew about that scene anyway."

Jin was silent. From Kame's eyes, he knew well that his boyfriend was thinking, trying to argue, yet didn't find the right expression since Kame said the truth. Jin read the script, knew the scene, approved it.

"Because... because I hate when people only pay attention to it. Your acting was good. You looked like really enjoy it; when you kissed her neck, touched her. It seemed so real." Jin reasoned lowly.

"Baka! Why you should jealous over that thing when you're the one who I kiss and touch every night. Should I take a picture when we make love? Then all we have done to protect our relationship is ruined by it?"

Jin shook his head.

"Just be a good boy then. It was just acting. I only touch her on stage, okay?" Kame consoled Jin.


And here it is... another pointless Akakame argument because of Jin's stupid jealousy. Kame already used to it...

17 November 2013 @ 04:51 pm


pairing: akame
rating: G
genre: romance
beta: she said she doesn't want to be mentioned :)
a/n: posted for lovekame02 in amigo_santa exchange. the title comes from X-Japan's song 'longing' and i also use the lyric here as my inspiration. hopefuly, you still remember me and it works well ^^

this is the story of Akanishi Jin.
Story about his life.
Story about his past.
Story about the journey he had, the journey he went through, the journey of his love life.

memory, past, journey, life, LONGING.Collapse )

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07 September 2013 @ 10:46 am
[fic] corner of love

Pairing(s): akame
Rating: G

Genre: just fluff
Beta: my beta said she wanted to be anonymous. trust me, she's so kind and nice.
chibi Jin doesn't like shopping with mother, but it's before he meets someone...

a.n. it is a shirt fic for rydion9 on my previously drabble comment project. i decide to post it separetely here after editing and sending to beta. thank you so much for 'you' who helped me beta this, and for bearing with my randomness and all.
well, long time no see... :) i'm not disappearing. just take hiatus bc RL got me.. :(

and i forget how to post something in LJ now... -__-"

corner of love

Jin gaped in awe. He opened his mouth, staring at something, someone, with wide eyes.Collapse )

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